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New digital plan to improve conditions for running a business

IT solutions expected to save companies upwards of 400 million kroner annually

Streamlining workflow critical to business (photo: Pixabay)
February 15th, 2018 1:07 pm| by Christian W

The government has unveiled plans to implement new digital infrastructure that aims to bring down the administration costs associated with running a business.

The strategy includes a single support system for the three online platforms Digital Post, NemLog-in and NemID, which is estimated to save Danish companies somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200-400 million kroner annually.

“We’ve been tasked with updating the digital infrastructure and we’ve listened to the companies. The new solutions must cater to the needs of the companies and make their work as easy as possible,” said the innovation minister, Sophie Løhde.

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Companies chuffed 
In future, administration costs will be drastically reduced as it will be possible for companies to link to multiple digital solutions simultaneously and administer their users in one place. The new solutions will also make it easier to send digital mail to the companies’ own internal mail systems.

The confederation for industry, Dansk Industri (DI) praised the effort, and several leading companies, including the airline SAS, have also voiced their approval.

“It’s essential for us as a company to have as efficient a workflow as possible. So we look forward to the next generation of Digital Post, NemLog-in3 and MitID, which proposes significant simplifications in terms of increased user friendliness and updated functionality,” said Lars Andersen, the head of public affairs for SAS.