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Novo Nordisk part of world’s first drone delivery of insulin

Diabetes Drone initiative to help diabetics in remote areas

Insulin delivered safe and sound (photo: Diabetes Drone)
October 8th, 2019 1:49 pm| by Christian W

Pharmaceutical firm Novo Nordisk has found itself in the headlines once again thanks to a tidy bit of tech innovation: the world’s first insulin drone delivery.

The historic delivery by drone to the remote Aran Islands in Ireland, is part of the Diabetes Drone initiative, a strategy devised to help diabetics living in inaccessible areas to gain access to critical medication.

“The world’s first drone delivery of insulin to the Aran Islands in Ireland was a success! We are proud to be part of this innovative project to support people with diabetes in remote areas,” Novo Nordisk wrote on Facebook.

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Not just droning on
Aside from the Danish pharma giant, other partners of the drone initiative include Irish university NUI Galway and a number of experts and advocates.

The drone initiative became a topic of discussion following the hurricane Ophelia battering Ireland and the UK in 2017, leading to flooding that prevented thousands of diabetics from getting their insulin.

But drone delivery is very much on the agenda in Denmark as well and millions of kroner is being invested into integrating drones into the health sector.

Over the next three years, trials will investigate how to best transport blood tests, medication and equipment between hospitals, labs, clinics and treatment centres.

Check out the video of the historic drone delivery in the video below and read more about the initiative here (in English).