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Outdoor digital ads going live in Copenhagen

AFA JCDecaux looking down new avenues to reach customers

The digital ads will be appearing across the capital through the summer (photo: AFA JCDecaux)
April 7th, 2016 8:26 am| by Christian W

From the walking streets to the train stations, the first outdoor digital ads have been springing up across the Danish capital this week.

Behind the initiative is the outdoor ad giant AFA JCDecaux, which revealed that more digital ads will be installed around the city over the summer. Similar developments are taking place in other cities around the world.

“We have followed the trends closely and we’ve changed our entire structure as a result,” said Casper Gregersen, the commercial head of AFA JCDecaux.

“By digitalising the outdoor market we are giving advertisers the opportunity to target their messages to relevant people in a far more flexible manner. The consumer is exposed to the relevant messages at that place or time where it is of value.”

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An added advantage
The move has come in the wake of a dwindling interest in ads and a need for ad agencies to embrace new avenues to ply their trade and catch the attention of consumers.

According to figures from PageFair/Adobe 2015 and Gallup, almost a quarter of Danes use some form of adblocking on their computers, and 49 percent use social media during commercial breaks on TV.

Furthermore, more and more Danes, particularly among younger generations, are opting out of TV deals all together and hedging their bets on streaming their TV online.