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Possible Hindu Cartoon Crisis brewing: Danish beer maker under fire for religion-inspired labels

Beer Here is refusing to bow down to pressure to change them

India might not be a great market for this one (photo: Beer Here)
October 24th, 2019 9:56 am| by Christian W

Danish craft beer producer Beer Here has landed itself in a keg of hot water over its liberal use of satirical religious motifs on some of its labels.

The Bornholm-based brewery has already received around 40 angry requests from the Hindu population in India demanding that the labels on its two beers, ‘Kama Citra’ and ‘Coffee Karma’, are removed.

Initially, owner Christian Skovdal Andersen asked his critics to help him redesign some new labels, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore.

“Not a single one of you has agreed to help me for a couple of hours to relabel the current stock and donate a measly €60 to help the victims of your religion. That makes me think that you are not that concerned about your invisible friends anyway,” Andersen wrote on Facebook.

“Instead, you have resorted to threats and insults and harassing my business by leaving bogus reviews: unfortunately, something I feel is very much in the character of religious crazies.”

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Kama Sud-tra
Beer Here has several beers with labels that might be considered insensitive to some, including one of the Prophet Mohammed wearing a Danish ‘klap-hat’, one of Jesus drinking a beer, one of a priest seemingly engaged in oral sex with a boy, and one of Tintin with a Hitler moustache giving a Nazi salute (see labels below).

Andersen praised Denmark’s tradition for satire and underlined that he would continue to produce contentious labels

“I can assure you this is nothing personal against Hindus. I have made labels with motifs satirising both Islam and Christianity so far. And I am not about to stop here. I believe all religions are equally ridiculous,” said Andersen.

(photo: Beer Here)

(photo: Beer Here)
(photo: Beer Here)
(photo: Beer Here)