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Royals team up with business delegation for US trip

Danish green tech could offer solutions to American problems

Danes are Washington-bound (photo: US Navy)
September 27th, 2016 9:18 am| by Christian W

In a bid to step up Danish export opportunities in the US market, the Crown Prince Couple have joined forces with a Danish business delegation comprising 60 companies and two ministers.

Danish exports to the US surpassed 100 billion kroner last year, which makes the American market Denmark’s third largest for exports, behind only Germany and Sweden.

“We are going over there to highlight Danish solutions to some of the problems Americans are experiencing at the moment – such as within the green arena,” Troels Lund Poulsen, the growth and business minister, said according to TV2 News.

“Solutions within climate and environment are booming at the moment in the US.”

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Down with TTIP
But while sustainable solutions are beginning to play a larger role, the big players are shipping medicinal and pharmaceutical products, which together account for over half of Denmark’s exports to the US.

The Danes have monitored the ongoing US election battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with a certain degree of concern, particularly due to both candidates leaning towards a more protectionistic trajectory in terms of international trade relations.

The controversial free trade agreement between the US and the EU – the TTIP – is reportedly not high on Clinton’s ‘to do’ list, while Trump has rejected the notion of the agreement all together.

The Danish delegation will be in the US until Friday. See the entire program here (in English).