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Sales of gluten-free food products soaring in Denmark

Supermarkets have started offering a wider range of products

Coop supermarkets now sell about 200 different gluten-free products (photo: iStock)
October 20th, 2016 3:45 pm| by Lucie Rychla

Sales of gluten-free food products have increased significantly over the past 10 years in Denmark as supermarket chains have expanded the range of available products.

In 2005, Coop stocked only 20 gluten-free products, selling 40,000 items in total.

Ten years later, the chain offers about 200 specialty products and sales have escalated to 1.2 million.

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“It has spread to all categories of products that contain flour. Cakes, pasta, anything you can imagine with flour – we offer it in a gluten-free variation,” Lars Aarup, a chief analyst at Coop, told DR.

People with coeliac disease, who are gluten-intolerant, cannot eat wheat, barley and rye.

Substitutes in gluten-free diets include amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice or chia flour.