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SAS confirms new routes to Estonia

In other news, Lufthansa strike again effecting Danish routes

Estonian Air’s bankruptcy has opened up new corridors for SAS (photo: iStock)
November 9th, 2015 5:12 pm| by Christian W

Scandinavian airline SAS has revealed it will open three new routes to Tallinn from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo in the wake of the bankruptcy of Estonia Air on Saturday.

The new routes will fly three times per day between Copenhagen and Tallinn, four times between Stockholm and Tallinn and once per day between Oslo and the Estonian capital.

Before Estonian Air’s bankruptcy, the airline had a so-called code share with SAS on all of its routes from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Trondheim.

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Another Lufthansa strike
Other airlines – such as Ryanair, Norwegian, airBaltic and Wizz Air – are also expected to look into the possibility of expanding their business to Estonia following the collapse of Estonia Air.

In related news, the German airline Lufthansa announced that 14 of its flights to and from Denmark were cancelled today due to a strike by its cabin personnel.

The 14 cancellations involved flights between Frankfurt and Copenhagen and Billund, but flights between the Danish capital and Munich were not affected.