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SAS promising faster Wi-Fi

Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ while flying

SAS … plugging in! (photo: Hades2k)
October 26th, 2016 8:32 am| by Ray W

The introduction of a new type of aircraft, the Airbus A320 NEO, will help boost Wi-Fi connections for SAS passengers.

The 100 new planes are being touted for their fuel-saving capabilities, new interiors, better space and 12 Mbit/s internet speeds that SAS says will allow customers to stream movies.

Although the new planes are already in use now, the new Wi-Fi is not scheduled to be in place until the second half of next year.

Netflix over the Atlantic
Once installed, each plane will have  its own IP address allowing passengers to stream, for example, a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian Netflix package based on the plane’s home country.

Pricing plans are still being worked out, but those travelling on the most expensive Plus tickets or holding a EuroBonus card can surf for free on the shorter routes.

Currently, it costs 119 kroner for a long journey and 39 kroner for flights within Scandinavia and Europe to surf the net on SAS planes offering Wi-Fi.