Singapore Airlines stepping up activities in Copenhagen

Danish capital the cornerstone of its Nordic operations

Singapore Airlines is primed for a Copenhagen ascension (photo: iStock) Singapore Airlines is primed for a Copenhagen ascension (photo: iStock)
September 7th, 2015 12:26 pm| by Christian W

Singapore Airlines has revealed it is planning to expand its operations in Copenhagen by launching daily flights between the Danish capital and Singapore using new Airbus aircraft.

According to the airline, the move is a response to aggressive moves from competitors attempting to move in on the lucrative southeast Asian routes.

“Everyone can see there is a weapons race going on and we have our own strategy,” Tim Lee, the head of Singapore Airlines in the Nordic region, told Børsen business newspaper.

“We’re aiming to have daily departures between Copenhagen and Singapore. Our strength is giving the most lucrative customer groups the best possible service between Scandinavia and southeast Asia.”

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Cornerstone Copenhagen
The ‘weapons race’ kicked off in April when the Dubai-based airline Emirates announced it would use its new A380 planes – with a capacity of 615 – on its daily flights between Copenhagen and Dubai. A further expansion is also in the works.

Singapore Airlines currently operates five flights a week between Copenhagen and Singapore using a Boeing 777-200 aircraft that seats 271 passengers. But next year, the airline will receive a number of new A350 aircraft.

“We are hedging our bets in Copenhagen. You won’t see us open new routes to Stockholm or Oslo in the near future. Our strategy is strengthening our position in Copenhagen,” said Lee.

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