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Unemployment rate remains at historic low

Congrats, you’ve got the job. Mark another one off, Danmarks Statistik! (photo: Max Pixel)
November 8th, 2019 5:56 pm| by Roselyne Min

According to new figures from Danmarks Statistik, the unemployment remained at 3.7 percent in September, which corresponds to 104,300 people out of work. Overall this year, the figures haven’t changed much at all.

The unemployment figures comprise job seekers, aged 16-65, who have received unemployment benefits, cash assistance, educational assistance or integration benefit.

And it is a fair assumption to partly attribute the low rate to the July 2017 inauguration of FLEUR (Insured Unemployed and Retired Beneficiaries Payout Register).

Unemployment rate by gender and age differs
The report points out a gender-gap, however. From August to September, the male unemployment rate fell by 400 persons, while the rate remained unchanged for females.

Younger age groups are performing better than older ones. The unemployment rate of the 25-29 and 30-39 age brackets decreased by 0.1 percent, whilst the 60-65 range increased by 0.1 percent. Nevertheless, Danmarks Statistik claims this may be a consequence of recent changes to the pension age.

Copenhagen as the most unemployed city
Copenhagen had the highest unemployment rate in September with 4.4 percent, and north Zealand  the lowest at 2.7 percent.

Fyn (4.2) and north Jutland (4.1) are among the highest rates while east Zealand and west Jutland have relatively low rates, both at 2.9 percent.

“Over the first six months of 2019, employers found that they could not find a qualified employee to fill a position in 62,700 cases,” revealed Dansk Industri executive Steen Nielsen.

“This is a problem for the individual employer, and it limits the country’s common welfare because it impedes growth.”