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Cars to be banned on Amalienborg Palace Square over terror fears

Four entrances to queen’s residence to be blocked off by bronze bollards

No more driving through the queen’s residence (photo: Dennis Jarvis)
September 10th, 2019 10:26 am| by Christian W

From early next year, it will no longer be possible to drive a car through Amalienborg Palace Square, the residence of the Royal Family in Copenhagen.

Due to fears of a terror attack and based on recommendations from the national intelligence agency PET, the decision has been made to block off the four entrances to the square with bronze bollards.

In early 2020, when the establishment of the bollards is expected to be completed, only pedestrians and cyclists will be able to enter and traverse the historic site.

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Preventing another Stockholm
The bollards will be 1.20 metres high and each entrance to the square will include 13 of them – some which can be lowered to allow vehicles transporting members of the Royal Family or other dignitaries to gain entrance.

The move comes in the wake of several recent terror attacks abroad, such as in Nice, London, Berlin, Stockholm and Barcelona, where vehicles were used to torpedo large crowds.

Earlier this year, similar preventative measure was taken at the Parliament building Christiansborg, where 85 granite balls were laid out.