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Check, mate! Norwegian chess comet shows who’s boss in no uncertain terms

The noble art of chess-playing has a history of at least 1,500 years and can still grab the popular attention

Carlsen keeping a close check on things (photo: Andreas Kontokanis/Flickr)
May 23rd, 2019 4:04 pm| by Stephen Gadd

Chess is pretty hip these days and the 28-year-old Norwegian master Magnus Carlsen is one of the people who has helped to make it so.

Carlsen blew into town yesterday to take part in the Energi Danmark Champions Battle, a high-profile chess event at Copenhagen’s Cirkusbygningen.

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Twenty-four players were swept off the board by Carlsen in under an hour and a half in a sparkling display of simultaneous chess, reports DR Nyheder.

“There were a number of strong players, so it wasn’t easy, but I have quite a bit of experience,” Carlsen said modestly from the stage after the match.

Up-and-coming Dane
After the simultaneous chess Carlsen took on Jonas Buhl Bjerre, a 14-year-old rated the second-best player in Denmark.

Bjerre narrowly lost to grand master Allan Stig Rasmussen in a tournament in April and is potentially one of the greatest chess talents Denmark has ever produced.

However, Carlsen was too big a mouthful for Bjerre to swallow, and he lost twice in little over an hour.

Carlsen won the world title in 2013 and has successfully defended it since. He has also won the world title in blitz chess four times and twice in rapid chess.

Prior to the chess games, Carlsen relaxed with a visit to Copenhagen Zoo and Tivoli and by playing a bit of street basket.