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Christiania ‘hash brownies’ put seven in hospital

The tainted batch of cannabis cakes are potentially fatal

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September 6th, 2019 12:03 pm| by Edward Owen

Seven people have been hospitalised after consuming edible cannabis products purchased in Christiania.

Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen reports that the patients are suffering from life-threatening symptoms such as a dangerously low pulse, unconsciousness and psychosis.

The admissions were spread out over a period of four weeks, and it was only later that the Christiania connection was discovered.     

A holiday nightmare
The seven people affected include a Danish citizen as well as tourists from Ireland, Germany, the USA, Finland, Spain and Japan.

There is also the possibility that more cases could be imminent given the international appeal of Christiania.

All of the patients were discharged from hospital within one or two days, but it has not been clarified if it is known exactly how the ‘hash brownies’ were tainted.     

Still illegal
The sale of cannabis and its use remain illegal in Denmark.

Despite a widespread belief that its use is tolerated within the confines of Christiania, Copenhagen Police is committed to tackling the trade and carries out several raids a week.

On Wednesday, for example, 58 people were arrested and charged with possessing cannabis in the Christiania area.    

A separate case
Elsewhere, three Danes will face a Norwegian court on September 23 in connection with smuggling cannabis.

They are charged with bringing 1.8 tonnes of the drug into Norway between December 2017 and June 2018 – at which point the arrests were finally made.

The three men are age 52 years, 47 years, and 68 years. The complex case also involves a further 30 people being charged or prosecuted.   

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