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Christmas trees sprouting up in the middle of Strøget

Unique trees for a good cause in Copenhagen (photo: Another Communication)
December 16th, 2015 12:34 pm| by Ray W

The culture project HAPPY® XMAS TREES has ‘planted’ a forest of Christmas tree sculptures in the middle of Copenhagen’s primary shopping street Strøget.

The tree sculptures, decorated by a number of Danish and international artists, will be on display throughout December. In January, the artworks will be auctioned off to raise money to plant trees in Mali.

“HAPPY® XMAS TREES is a platform for positive messages through creativity and diversity,” explained project initiator Mehdi Michael Triki.

“Christmas and especially the Christmas tree is a focal point for joy, charity and positive thoughts, and with HAPPY® XMAS TREES we want to help create gathering points in the cityscape to the benefit of both grown-ups and children.”

The sculptures have been decorated by artists from Denmark and abroad. Among the artists are Bjørn Nørgaard, Kristian Hornsleth, Poul Pava, Ib Antoni’s family and the French street artist Mr One Teas, along with children and young people from Zahle’s Gymnasium and Sølvgade Skole in Copenhagen.

Trees for trees
At the end of the exhibition, the trees will be auctioned off on Bids can be submitted until 6 January. The money from the auction will be spent on planting Jatropha trees in Mali in Africa.

Along with being a CO2-neutralising tree, the nuts that grow on Jatropha trees can be used to produce biodiesel, giving local farmers a better chance to support themselves and their families.

Jatropha trees also regenerate the soil, so that crops for food can be grown among the trees.

A track record of success
The last time the exhibition was held in Copenhagen in 2010, it raised enough money to plant 72,500 trees in Mali.

This year, the goal is to plant a quarter of a million trees in the country, which is one of the world’s poorest.

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The HAPPY® XMAS TREES exhibition outdoors in Copenhagen lasts until Christmas. From December 27 to January 6 the trees will be moved inside and will be exhibited at Øksnehallen.