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City zoo fighting for survival of endangered toad

The natterjack toad population has endured a significant decline recently

The natterjack toad was once common across much of Denmark (photo: Copenhagen Zoo)
June 15th, 2016 12:05 pm| by Christian W

Copenhagen Zoo is stepping up its conservation efforts in order to save the natterjack toad from extinction in Denmark.

The zoo has released 30 of the toads into the Danish wild in Urehoved on the island of Ærø off the coast of Funen. The toads were all raised in the zoo.

“It’s the greatest thing one can do as a zoo keeper: helping to raise some animals in the city and then releasing them into the wild again,” Lene Rasmussen, a zoo keeper at Copenhagen Zoo, told DR Nyheder.

“Frogs and toads are the most endangered animal group in the world, but it’s unfortunately also the group we do the least to help, because it’s not cute with big round eyes.”

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Struggling mightily
The toads have also been released by Høvænge in Lolland, Refsvindinge on Funen and Store Egholm near Ærø.

The toad was once common across most of Denmark, but the population has declined significantly in recent years and is protected today.

The toad thrives in marshy areas and water holes, but the population has dwindled due to a decrease in free-range cattle in Denmark.