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Cocaine residue found in vast majority of city gymnasiums

75 percent of schools test positive

March 9th, 2015 10:55 am| by admin

A new test by the radio station Radio24syv has showed that cocaine is being ingested at the majority of upper-secondary educational institutions (gymnasiums) in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Radio24syv took drug-wipe samples from the toilets of 12 gymnasiums in the Greater Copenhagen area and found cocaine residue in nine of them.

“Cocaine has made a huge comeback,” Pernille Nordby, a substance abuse councillor at the abuse portal, told Radio24syv.

“Cocaine used to be limited to certain circles, but as it has become less expensive and more accessible, it has become a normal party drug among the youth. And it’s not just a big city phenomenon.”

99 percent accurate
Radio24syv’s tests were undertaken during afternoon hours on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The drug-wipe tests are considered to be 98-99 percent accurate.

Fact box

Traces of cocaine were found at:

 HHX Niels Brock, Julius Thomsens Plads, city centre
 HHX Niels Brock, Elitegymnasium, Kultorvet, city centre
 HHX/STX København NORD, Lyngby 
 STX N Zahles Gymnasieskole, city centre 
 STX Frederiksberg Gymnasium, Frederiksberg 
 STX Øregaard Gymnasium, Hellerup 
 HTX Tec, Frederiksberg 
 HTX Vibenhus, Østerbro 
 HTX CPH West, Ishøj 

No trace of cocaine found at:

 STX Gl Hellerup Gymnasium, Hellerup
 STX Ordrup Gymnasium, Charlottenlund 
 STX Falkonergårdens Gymnasium, Frederiksberg