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Conceding time at the Zoo: comedy club organising its first ever English-only open mic

Head on down tomorrow for a show that includes the likes of Adrian Mackinder and … just too many to mention

Adrian has been waiting for this day, kind of
October 5th, 2019 4:55 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Despite some of Denmark’s most successful comics insisting they find English a much easier language to be funny in (their success isn’t a coincidence), the establishment has always held firm that there is only one lingo for laughter over here. 

Until now, that is, because (drum roll please, but hold back on the standing ovation) Comedy Zoo is organising its first ever Englishonly open mic this Sunday. 

Mackinder is ready!
For Adrian Mackinder, it is evidence that his one-man crusade to introduce English-language comedy to the country, built on the back of waking up every day in shoebox in the middle of the motorway to single-handedly run the monthly comedy night at the Downtown Dubliner and anything half-decent at Improv Comedy Copenhagen … 

No seriously, he might be a CPH POST columnist, but he didn’t force us at gunpoint to write that. In reality, he is just quietly relieved that the Zoo has finally seen sense. 

Only been waiting three years
When I first enquired about performing at Comedy Zoo three years ago, I was told flatout that all their comedy was in Danish,” he recalled about a conversation that was in English, but no more funnier for it.  

I’m thrilled that they’ve changed their policy to be more inclusive, and I’m honoured to be asked to be part of a night that features some of Copenhagen’s best Englishspeaking resident comedians. 

Join Jacob and … too many to mention
Typical of most Facebook events, 231 people are interested in going but only 17 actually are, and Comedy Zoo is doing its best to advertise the event by revealing that the host is the distinctly Danish-sounding Jacob Taarnhø … and very little else. 

Comedy Zoo is located at Knabrostræde 19 in the city centre, tickets cost 95 kroner, and the doors open at 19:00. 

New improv event at Teater Play
Meanwhile, next up for Mackinder (he has got my family at gunpoint as I write this) is the improv show Three for Two, a completely unscripted and spontaneous night at Teater Play in Amager on October 15. 

Located at Strandlodsvej 7, tickets cost 60 kroner, and the doors open at 20:00. Visit to find out more.