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Copenhagen Airport once again rated Europe’s most efficient

Ability to handle complexity and ease of travel to and from Kastrup have helped bring award home 10 times in 12 years

The high quality of public transportation at Copenhagen Airport helped it earn another efficiency award (photo: Leif Jørgensen)
June 30th, 2016 4:07 pm| by Ray Weaver

Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe for the tenth time in 12 years by the international and independent group Air Transport Research Society (ATRS).

ATRS is made up of a group of professors and aviation experts from universities worldwide who have developed a method for assessing airport efficiency.

“We see this award as recognition of our efforts to strengthen our position as one of the most important hubs in northern Europe,” said Thomas Woldbye, the head of Copenhagen Airport. “We are constantly working on increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs for our partners.”

High levels of international travellers
One parameter of an ATRS analysis is the ability to handle complexity. The society said that Copenhagen Airport’s handling of a large number of international flights demonstrated it is highly efficient in the areas of security, baggage handling and transferring.

The society also said the ease with which travellers can got to and from the airport played a large role in its selection as Europe’s most efficient airport.

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The award as ‘Europe’s most efficient airport’ was presented to Copenhagen Airport at the 2016 ATRS World Conference in Greece earlier this week.