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Copenhagen city bikes struck by wave of vandalism

Half of the 1,400 white city bikes currently in the workshop

The city bikes are under siege (photo: Commando Foote)
August 28th, 2019 11:48 am| by Christian W

There’s all manner of bikes and scooters whizzing about the streets of Copenhagen these days.

You’ll often recognise the various brands based on their colours, like the orange bikes of Donkey Republic or the green Lime electric scooters.

But one feature you might be seeing less of recently is the white city bikes, which have been hit by a tsunami of vandalism cases in the past few months.

In fact, of the 1,400 white city bikes in service, half are currently in the workshop being fixed – in fact, so many that the company behind the city bikes, By – og Pendlercykel Fonden, has dispatched an email to its customers apologising for its reduced level of service.

“One of the big problems is that the vandals smash the bicycle’s tablet, and when that happens the bicycle is taken out of service permanently as we can no longer replace them,” wrote By – og Pendlercykel Fonden.

“To minimise losses, we’ve had to remove the tablet option on all the bikes, so in future we will be asking our customers to use the Bycyklen-app [city bike app] to operate the bicycle. The app can be downloaded via AppStore and Google Play.”

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Ride the lightning
Over the past 45 days alone, the tablets on 400 bicycles have been destroyed and the 20-45 mechanics at the Copenhagen workshop haven’t been able to keep up with all the work.

The vandals are also targeting the charging stations, which are ruined when people attempt to physically force the bicycles out of their pods.

By – og Pendlercykel Fonden also revealed that it hoped to hold the fort until a new generation of city bikes hit the streets in the future.