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Copenhagen gearing up for monster demo against Trump

US president can expect a ‘warm’ welcome when he hits Denmark next month

Now, now Donald. Pointing is rude (photo: Pixabay)
August 6th, 2019 11:13 am| by Christian W

Denmark’s business sector may have hailed Donald Trump’s impending arrival to Denmark in early September, but given the US president’s controversial persona, there was always going to be a less enthusiastic reaction.

And now there is.

There is still a month before Trump touches down in Copenhagen, but thousands of people have already signed up for a demonstration against him in the Danish capital.

The demonstration will take place by the US Embassy on September 2 from 17:00-20:00 and over 2,250 have already clicked they will attend on the event’s Facebook page, while a further 16,875 have indicated their interest in going.

“This demonstration is against Donald Trump and racism. The place and time will come at a later date,” wrote the organiser of the demo, Kristian Tuxen Ladegaard Berg.

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Trump Baby coming
Something else that could very well be in attendance will be the towering 6 metre-high ‘Trump Baby’ balloon. Morten Skovgaard has contacted the people behind the inflatable joke (The Babysitters) and has convinced them to bring the famous balloon to Copenhagen to coincide with Trump’s arrival.

Thousands of people have signed up on Skovgaard’s ‘Bring Trump Baby to Denmark’ Facebook page. Trump Baby made its debut at a London demo last year and Trump is … not a fan.

(photo: Baby Trump Tour)