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Copenhagen inks new budget agreement

Parking licences going up and there are more funds for kids and green initiatives

Many plans afoot in Copenhagen (photo: Michael Levin/Realdania By & Byg)
October 4th, 2019 10:05 am| by Christian W

Yesterday, local politicians from six parties at Copenhagen Municipality agreed to a new budget for the coming year.

Socialdemokratiet, Enhedslisten, Alternativet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti and Venstre all teamed up to secure a budget plan that aims to ensure more welfare and initiatives that are to help the city reach its goal of becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025.

“I’m proud that we’ve managed to get such a broad majority to agree to a budget that cares for the city’s most vulnerable, people with handicaps and our children,” said mayor, Frank Jensen.

“And, which lays the tracks for the future and ensures that Copenhagen remains one of the most sustainable and lovely cities in the world to live in.”

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Polluters targeted
More specifically, the budget agreement sees hourly parking rates and residential parking licences shoot up considerably, especially for the most polluting cars.

For instance, residential parking licences will increase from 1,600 kroner to 4,000 kroner per year for cars in the C-G energy class, while less-polluting cars will double from 1,000 to 2,000 kroner and go from 10 to 200 kroner for electric cars, which will also get free parking in the hourly parking spots. Green taxis will also be given benefits in taxi queues.

Meanwhile, the cyclists will get an extra 100 million kroner in a new cycle package with safer school roads and new bicycle paths. An additional 37 million kroner has been set aside for a new bicycle path in Husum and upgrading two bicycle super highways. The city will also look into innovative CO2-collecting technology and more wind turbines.

Other main points of the budget agreement include:

– Over 800 million kroner earmarked for a new school and swimming pool on Hannemanns Alle in Ørestad

– 208 million kroner for 25 new day care institutions in the city

– 233 million kroner for 152 new special school placements in Østerbro and Vanløse.

– Public schools will be given 28 million kroner more every year and 51 million kroner will be invested every year over the next four years for more workers in day care centres and to roll back planned cuts.

– Special need children will get 135 million kroner every year for the next four years, as well as 26 million annually for an action plan on the area.

– 15 million kroner will be spent every year over the next four years to axe planned cuts in the handicap area

– More funds will go to the elderly and more benches and public toilets will be established around the city. Increased funds will be directed to more night shifts at elderly homes.

– Almost 230 million will be set aside for public housing – about 600 student homes and 600 family homes – which are homes that have a rent that is considerably lower than privately-rented housing.