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Copenhagen Municipality tackles neighbourhood morale in Nørrebro

More and more people in Copenhagen report rising levels of satisfaction with their neighbourhoods – except for those living in Nørrebro

The big city can be dangerous (photo: Ellyodd)
June 28th, 2016 8:55 am| by Shifa Rahaman

While neighbourhood cheer is on the rise in most parts of Copenhagen, Nørrebro residents are more insecure living in their neighbourhood than ever before.

In response, Copenhagen Municipality has come up with a novel action-plan: they’ve tied up with start-up community organisation Ghetto Tours to arrange walks around Nørrebro. The tours, led by locals, will improve morale by facilitating a dialogue between the various factions that call the area home, feels the city mayor, Frank Jensen.

“We are in talks with the locals in outer Nørrebro, especially young people, about how we can make the area a more safe and secure place to live,” he told DR.

A place to call home
According to the so-called security survey carried out by the municipality every year, 14 percent of locals now report feeling unsafe living in Nørrebro – up from 11 percent last year.

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If the district is to get any safer, young people need to be involved, believes Jensen.

“It’s about getting them to feel that they matter to their local area,” he said.

“It is our experience that this is the way forward towards making the area more safe and secure.”

Talks with both Ghetto Tours, the police, and other neighbourhood committees began on Monday.