Copenhagen theatre that staged Brievik play burned down last night – The Post

Copenhagen theatre that staged Brievik play burned down last night

Meanwhile, another fire has broken out today at Magasin in Lyngby

November 25th, 2014 10:11 am| by admin

The Sort/Hvid theatre – which was formerly known as Café Teatret and staged a controversial play in 2012 about the manifesto of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Brievik – burned down in the centre of Copenhagen on Monday night.

Henrik Stormer, a spokesperson for the Copenhagen Police, said that they were investigating what caused the fire.

“At 04:38 the fire department responded to a fire alarm on Skindergade in Copenhagen,” Stormer told BT tabloid.

“The status after the fire is that the first floor, which consists of a large open room – likely a theatre room – has pretty much burned down. Additionally, there is smoke and soot damage on the second floor.”

No-one was injured during the fire, but two people in some nearby buildings were evacuated although they were never in any real danger.

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Busy night for fire department
In related news, the police have today sealed off the area around the Magasin shopping centre in Lyngby after a fire in the building filled the centre with smoke.

The police do not know the cause of the fire, but investigations persist.