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Copenhagen to get its first car-free day in September

Large event planned to urge the public to hit the streets

Huge event planned for September 18 (photo: Pixabay)
February 12th, 2016 8:16 am| by Christian W

The deputy mayor for technical issues, Morten Kabell, has revealed the Danish capital will enjoy its first car-free day later this year.

Kabell told Metroxpress newspaper that on Sunday September 18, numerous zones in the city will be off-limits for motorists.

“By banning cars for a day, we give Copenhageners and tourists the option to experience how the city could be used without having to make room for polluting vehicles,” said Kabell.

“I’m excited to experience the day, which I’m sure will be something very special.”

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Event planned
As it stands, it is planned that the central city artery, HC Andersens Boulevard, along with major roads in all city districts will be off-limits for vehicles.

Furthermore, a large event is planned in central Copenhagen to urge the public to get out onto the streets.

The tentative date is September 18, but a final date for the car-free day will be made at City Hall on Monday February 22.

Citizens of Frederiksberg, an enclave within the city that a separate municipality from Copenhagen, will reportedly not be hindered in using their cars on the day.