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Copenhagen to test new electric buses

The capital aims to become CO2-neutral by 2025

The Finnish-made electric bus is light-weight and has quickly rechargeable batteries (photo: Linkker)
October 29th, 2015 10:40 am| by Lucie Rychla

Copenhagen Municipality has bought two new highly-efficient electric buses that will be tested on the 3A line for two years from the summer of 2016, reports Metroxpress.

The capital wants to be 100 percent CO2-neutral by 2025 and to lower nitrogen oxide emissions by 60 percent compared to 2011.

The new buses are produced by the Finnish company Linkker, while the charging stations will be delivered by the Dutch company Schunk/Heliox.

The electric buses are lightweight and need only 1.5 to 3 minutes to recharge and thus can operate round the clock.

10 million kroner project
The test project will cost about 10 million kroner, which includes also the charging stations and two years of service.

The expenses will be shared between the municipality and the Transport and Construction Authority, while the energy company E.ON has agreed to contribute with free electricity.

Since January 2014, two other electric buses produced by the Chinese company BYD have been cruising the streets of Copenhagen as part of a trial service, but unlike the Finnish buses they need the whole night to recharge.