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Copenhagen Wolves throwing in the towel

Danish e-sports organisation looking for a buyer

The Wolves are packing it in (photo: Copenhagen Wolves)
June 7th, 2016 2:26 pm| by Ray W

The owners of the Copenhagen Wolves e-sports organisation have ceased all operations, saying that new commitments leave them with not enough time to run the club.

Owner Jakob Lund Kristensen posted a statement on the group’s website saying they would be closing immediately. The move leaves a number of their squads – including their CS:GO team – without a home.

The Copenhagen Wolves started in 2009 in a Copenhagen internet cafe. They quickly became a major competitor on the Danish and European e-sports scene.

“It is with great sadness that I today am announcing the ceasing of all Copenhagen Wolves operations with immediate effect,” wrote Kristensen.

Looking for a buyer
Reflecting on his early days with the club, Kristensen conceded there were many who would have called him crazy for thinking the Wolves would become so big.

He funded their first few events from his “own pocket”, recalling how he transported “way too many people in my parent’s way too small car”.

Kristensen said that he was proud of what the Wolves had accomplished, but “to paint a picture in which everything was happiness would be very wrong”.

Kristensen said that he and his partner would be very happy to discuss selling the Copenhagen Wolves brand.