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Copenhagen’s buses to clean up their act

Almost 300 buses on the city’s busiest routes to get cleaning system

The cleaning systems remove 95 percent of the pollutants being emitted from the buses (photo: iStock)
September 18th, 2015 1:23 pm| by Christian W

People hopping on Copenhagen’s buses can begin to do so with a cleaner conscience in the near future.

The city’s Movia buses are scheduled to be given cleaning systems that will remove 95 percent of the pollutants from the bus emissions. The environment and food minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, will mount the first system on a 6A bus today.

“It’s good that we’ll remove 95 percent of the air pollution from the buses,” said Hansen.

“It’s an initiative that works and follows up on the efforts to reduce the pollution from wood-burning stoves and maritime shipping in order to make the capital and the rest of Denmark even cleaner.”

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288 buses involved
All of the city buses that drive on the most polluted stretches of road in the capital will have the cleaning systems mounted by March 2016.

Of the 84 million kroner set aside to install the cleaning systems, 74 million comes from the Environment and Food Ministry, 9 million from Copenhagen Municipality and 1 million from Frederiksberg Municipality.

“By installing the cleaning systems on 288 buses, we can reduce air pollution in Copenhagen with what is the equivalent of emissions from 15-20 percent of the most polluting cars and vans,” said the city mayor, Frank Jensen. “That will have an impact.”