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Critics coming over Von Trier film

Film critics copy Nymphomaniac poster to advertise their awards show

(Photo: Dansk Filmkritikere)

December 17, 2013

by PS

Film critics have channelled the spirit of Lars Von Trier in a poster advertising next year’s Bodil Awards.

The 12 critics are shown in the throes of sexual ecstasy in the poster that is a direct homage to Von Trier’s campaign for his latest film, 'Nymphomaniac'.

February’s Bodil Awards are organised by the Danish film critic’s association, Dansk Filmkritikere, and is one of two award ceremonies that celebrate the best of the year’s cinematic achievements.

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Viral advert
The six male and six female critics depicted in the poster were drawn from the association’s 48 members, who work at major Danish newspapers and media, including Berlingske, DR, Ekstra Bladet, Information and Politiken.

Chairman Jacob Wendt Jensen explained that they chose critics who were already known to the Danish public, so that the poster wouldn’t get confused with the original.

“We need to sell tickets, and not that many people know that you can buy tickets on the street. It’s not a closed industry party,” Jensen told Politiken newspaper.

The Bodil Awards will be held on 1 February 2014 in Copenhagen’s Bremen Theatre.

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