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Culture Round-Up: Cover your eyes Snowy – although we always knew Tintin was a cunning linguist

And then cover your ears as Distortion is organising a festival in the city in August

As Captain Haddock was fond of saying: “Blistering bazookas” (all photos: Ole Ahlberg Facebook page)
June 13th, 2019 12:06 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Given the multi-million dollar merchandising enterprises of the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes, it might surprise many to learn that a Danish artist has been given the green light to reproduce the likeness of Tintin and the other characters in Herge’s comic books.

And it will shock many that Ole Ahlberg, 70, chooses to do so by placing the intrepid journalist in erotic situations, often in a voyeuristic role.

Lawsuit failed to land
Moulinsart, the publisher that owns the rights to the Tintin universe, perhaps understandably took exception to the depictions – which have a combined value of 30 million kroner.

In 2007, it launched a lawsuit, claiming that Ahlberg had infringed its copyright, but now a Belgian court has ruled in the Danish artist’s favour.

On display until August
This all means that Ahlberg is free to display his collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures, and the result is ‘Flyvefærdig’, an exhibition at Otterup Geværfabrik on Funen, which will continue until August 18.

“Tintin is a man-made symbol of purity. That is the image we are comfortable with seeing: a hero who is clean and neat and never puts a foot wrong,” Ahlberg told TV2.

“It’s satisfying to take this purity and depict it in real life, which is much more complex and much more composed of lust and beauty, and so on.”

Distortion organisers confirm Refshaleøen return in August with Karrusel
The organisers of Distortion have confirmed they will be relocating their popular Odense festival Karrusel to the capital this August. With a focus on house and techno music, and a spanking old-fashioned carousel taking pride of place, there will be room for 2,500 guests at the two-stage site, which is located in a forest on the Copenhagen island of Refshaleøen, just down the road from where the Distortion nightclub events are held. Karrusel was previously held in Odense four times between 2014 and 2017. Dixon, a German DJ who played at Distortion in 2006, is among the headliners for the August 30-31 festival.

Bjarke Ingels’ vision of the world: from the Big Bang into the future
‘Formgiving’, an exhibition featuring the work and visions of BIG and its star architect Bjarke Ingels, has opened at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen. BIG explains that the tile of the exhibition “means to give a form to something that does not yet have a form. In other words: to shape the future. And more specifically, to shape the world we want to live in – in the future.” The exhibition has been split into three parts: the Big Bang, the present and the future. It continues until January 5.

First female crew to rig a music festival in Denmark
While nightclubs and festivals are increasingly unveiling all-female line-ups to address the gender imbalance seen on the Danish scene, the Spot music festival, which took place from May 2-4 in Aarhus, went one step further by having an all-female crew, it has emerged. Festival organiser ROSA invited Women in Live Music (WILM) to take charge of the stage – and a WILM blog post claimed it was the first time it had ever been done in Denmark. WILM faced one issue though. Out of the 700 sound engineers working in Denmark, only ten are female, so it had to recruit more from abroad.

Not exactly instant: Prince bides his time with Instagram debut 
Prince Christian has popped his cherry … on Instagram. He made his first post on the social media platform, which he has legally joined since becoming a teenager on October 15, following his family’s participation in the Royal Run on Monday. The post featured a photo of his siblings – Princess Isabella, 12, and Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 8, outside their home – along with a caption explaining that they were about to run the family mile in Copenhagen.

A bit like this one (photo: Hasse Ferrold)