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Culture Round-Up: Only in Denmark could a seven-year-old be inspired to act by ‘Kill Bill’

I could be her! Added bonus: I love strawberry jam
November 20th, 2019 12:08 pm| by Ben Hamilton

It could only happen in Denmark. A seven-year-old girl, at a loose end, pops the ultra-violent Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Kill Bill’ into the DVD player.

Clara Rosager, now a rising star and 23, was “completely engrossed”, according to DR. “She felt glued to the screen and inside her the fireworks were in full swing. It was both crazy and scary.”

Probably not the rape scene
Of course, we’re not sure whether she fully comprehended what was going on when Uma Thurman’s character, ‘The Bride’, was repeatedly raped whilst in a coma.

Her mother eventually intervened during the scene in which The Bride kills 88 Yakuza gang members with a samurai sword.

The entire industry in one series
Rosager, 23, who sprang to fame after starring in the Netflix series ‘The Rain’, can be seen in the Viaplay series ‘The Interrogation’, which premiered last week.

It also stars Ulrich Thomsen, Trine Dyrholm, Lars Mikkelsen, David Dencik and Nikolaj Lie Kaas – so pretty much every major Danish actor working in the industry.

Actor bowled over by compliments following completion of sickly Xmas flick
You can imagine that when the director says cut for the final time on a film, and there’s a wrap party, that a lot of insincere flattery is unleashed. Well, Danish actor Peter Mygind has been taking it all to heart, he tells DR, following his relatively minor appearance as a “tall, charming Dane” in ‘Last Christmas’. Apparently a hot of famous actresses –including Emma Thompson, Emilia Clarke and Michelle Yeoh – told him what a joy it was to work with him. “I broke down crying,” recalled Mygind, as his interviewer reached for the sick bucket. “It’s so rare that we praise each other in this industry – I hardly remember a colleague or director who praised me before.” Not sure whether that’s a glowing endorsement for the Danish film industry – or Janteloven in general.

A nice new play for Julian Assange to watch when he’s released
Sweden’s decision to drop its investigation into a rape allegation made against Julian Assange in 2010 has once again thrust the imprisoned Wikileaks co-founder into the spotlight and, call it serendipity if you like, Why Not Theatre Company is in pole position to capitalise with its new play ‘Sympathy for Sorrow’ – an imagined meeting between Assange and Oscar Wilde, another trailblazer who knew what it was like to be celebrated by society and then cast away as a pariah. Co-written by Tanja Mastilo and Nina Larissa Bassett, the two-night performance run (December 3 and 4) at K23 in central Copenhagen (Knabrostræde 23) respectively stars Nathan Meister and Michael Worthman. Mastilo and Meister previously collaborated on the Why Not Theatre productions ‘Mr Tesla Played’ and ‘Mairead’.

Director of Copenhagen shooting film describes day as a gamechanger
Stills have been released of Ole Christian Madsen’s forthcoming production ‘The Day We Died’, the dramatisation of the 14 February 2015 terror shootings in Copenhagen. The story will be told from the perspective of four characters: victims Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan, Copenhagen shooter Omar El-Hussein, and the SWAT team leader who eventually shot and killed El-Hussein – who will be played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. “I realised if I could have four characters and intertwine them in the same story, I might have a chance to give a broader impression of what the state of mind in Europe is right now,” Madsen told Screen. “The attack was so random and so unpredictable, and that’s the essence of this fear of terrorism: you struggle with your daily life and then you get shot. This incident was a gamechanger for Denmark.” The film is scheduled to be released on March 5.

Bakken to get a new Pjerrot, and they’re keeping it in the family
Most people wouldn’t recognise Kurt Flemming were they to pass him on the street, but for the last 23 years he has been the man behind the mask of Pjerrot, the clown at Bakken. Remarkably he has only had five days off ill in all that time! Additionally, he has spent the equivalent of 200 days removing or applying makeup. On December 22, he will be giving his last performance before handing over to Morten Eisner, the official new Pjerrot from 2020. Eisner comes from a large family of Bakken performers. Both his parents, Ib and Inger, as well as his brother Jeppe work there, and Eisner has been performing at the themepark since his infancy.

New play to address the sex tape shared by over a thousand youths
‘Klædt af’ (undressed), a new play at Aveny-T in Frederiksberg, is inspired by the ongoing ‘Umbrella case’ in which over 1,000 young people have been charged with sharing sex content via social media that featured an underage girl. Director Jon Stephensen is hopeful the play can address issues of inequality, and he cited a recent production of Treasure Island at Folketeatret to prove his point. “The female characters were either prostitutes or token characters to slap on the arse,” he told DR. “It’s kind of horrific to send that kind of message in 2019 to children and young people.” ‘Klædt af’ premieres on November 21.

Poet releases new collection to rave reviews
Bad boy poet Yahya Hassan, now 24, has released a new 114-page collection to mostly rave reviews. His first instalment, released in 2013, sold a record 120,000 copies, and the second collection is expected to do even better. Since Hassan sprang to fame he has served time in prison for violence and also received psychiatric treatment – and many of the new poems deal with these subjects. “They didn’t think I could write anymore,” he told Weekendavisen. “I write about my life and how 90 percent of my engine runs on piss, shit and manure – undiluted shit and shit.”

Syrian-born director among the winners at Nordisk Film Prizes
Syrian-born director Feras Fayyad was the big winner at the Nordisk Film Prizes this year, scooping one of the three awards on offer for his work on the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘Last Men in Aleppo’. The other winners were actress Esben Smed and visual effects supervisor Peter Hjorth, a frequent collaborator with Lars von Trier.

The book’s chances looked distinctly fucked
Anne Linnet’s latest novel, ‘Fucked’, has been panned. The Dane, who is predominantly known for her experimental music in the 1980s, has written a crime novel featuring lesbian police officers. Linnet, 66, herself has a girlfriend less than half her age, and there is a noticeable age difference between the protagonists. Berlingske gave the novel just one star.

Gavin DeGraw to play at Vega
“I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately” – believe us, you know this song and its creator Gavin DeGraw is playing at Vega on August 9. Tickets cost 425 kroner and go on sale at 10:00 on Friday November 22 at

Lionel Richie going all night long at Smukfest
One of the great pop icons will hit Denmark next year when Lionel Richie performs at Smukfest 2020. The festival organisers revealed that US hip hop artist Khalid will also take the stage, as will Norwegian DJ, Kygo, and Swedish pop singer Tove Lo. Smukfest will be held in Skanderborg from August 5-9.