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Culture Round-up: Staunch republican Von Trier loves our Freddy

But ‘Scarface’ director Brian De Palma does not particularly like Denmark, and audiences weren’t exactly wowed by Michelle Obama’s appearance at Royal Arena on Tuesday

Lars von Trier shakes hand with the queen (photo: Hasse Ferrold)
April 11th, 2019 3:10 pm| by Ben Hamilton

David Bowie, LS Lowry, Albert Finney, TE Lawrence, Harold Pinter – quite a line-up, right? It’s the ultimate anti-establishment five-a-side team.

All of them turned down the chance to shake the British establishment by the hand and accept a knighthood.

Not turning down this honour!
So presented with the same opportunity, surely maverick film director Lars von Trier, a sworn arch Republican, would do his best to avoid his own majesty, Queen Margethe.

Well, the short answer is ‘No’. Earlier this week, he was only too happy to receive the Rungstedlund Prize from her.

In honour of the author Karen Blixen, the award recognises excellence in Danish culture, and the queen is the patron of the Karen Blixen Museum.

Awarded along with 50,000 kroner, it has been distributed since 1991.

A fan of Freddy
“I have to say thank you many times. This is special, as I feel a kindred relationship with Karen Blixen,” said Von Trier.

“I want to say to her majesty that, in hopefully a very long time from now, we will get a really, really good and nice king. And that’s comes from a Republican.”

Obama’s talk show a disappointment say most audience members
Michelle Obama’s appearance at Royal Arena on Tuesday to promote her book ‘My Story’ got a mixed reception. While DR spoke to a number of audience members who were positively glowing and gushing about the “absolutely fantastic … very, very inspiring” former first lady of the US, CPH POST learned that others were disappointed about the “lame” questions posed by the interviewer, the TV chef Rachael Ray, who conducted the discussion like it was a daytime women’s talk show. TV and radio host Ane Cortzen told DR it was “a stereotypical women’s magazine interview” that was boring. Berlingske, Ekstra Bladet and BT all gave the evening event three out of six stars.

Hollywood legend unlikely to ever return to horrible Denmark
Brian De Palma – the director of classics such as ‘Carrie’, ‘Scarface’ and ‘Carlito’s Way’ –  doesn’t care much for Denmark, it transpires. He recently shot ‘Domino’ here, a film starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a policeman who vows to avenge the death of his colleague at the hands of terrorists. “It was a horrible experience,” he told the weekly French newspaper Le Ponte about making the film.  “I never experienced such a horrible movie set. A large part of our team has not even been paid yet by the Danish producers. The film is finished and ready to go out, but I have no idea what its future will hold – it is currently in the hands of the producers. This was my first experience in Denmark and most likely my last.” ‘Domino’ is scheduled to be released in the US on May 31.

Copenhagen attacks film to be screened later this year
‘Notat’, a film directed by Ole Christian Madsen starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a policeman trying to track down the Copenhagen shooter Omar Al Hussain following his attacks in February 2015, is in post-production with a release by the end of the year most probable, confirms SF Studios. “I think it is important to tell this story while we still remember it – we owe it to the victims,” Madsen told Weekendavisen. Meanwhile, in related news, Coster-Waldau has told media that not a single fan theory has come close to predicting what will happen at the end of ‘Game of Thrones’, which is set to return to Denmark for its final season on April 15.

Nørby compares criticism to being raped and denies dementia claims
The actress Ghita Nørby has dug an even deeper hole for herself by comparing her recent treatment in the media, following a Radio24syv interview in which she is accused of being unpleasant to the journalist, to being raped. “The hatred is very surprising,” she told “It’s like I have almost been raped.” Nørby is also horrified that some have been questioning whether she has a form of dementia.

Denmark looking good for the Eurovision final, but unlikely to win
Denmark will perform seventh in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 16 in Israel. But while expert Mette Helene Christensen, via the site Good Evening Europe, is confident Leonora and her song ‘Love is Forever’ will sail into the final on May 18, the bookmakers are not so sure. Denmark are 66/1 to win the contest, having previously been 40s, but it is ranked the seventh most likely country to advance from its 15-song semi, from which the top ten will go through. The entry’s songwriter has three top-five places: in 1995, 2011, and 2013 with ‘Only Teardrops’, which won Denmark the contest for a third time.

Mentally and physically exhausted Mø cancels tour of Asia
Mø has cancelled her tour of Asia, citing physical and mental exhaustion. The 30-year-old singer, whose real name is Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, claims she has not taken a real break since her career took off six years ago. She was due to perform in Beijing on Tuesday. The tour was expected to visit China, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Danish fans will be hoping to see her at Roskilde on July 4 and Tivoli on August 30.

Lars Mikkelsen to again appear in a DR historical docudrama
Filming has begun on a big budget DR docudrama TV series to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1920 plebiscite in which the people of North Schleswig voted to rejoin Denmark after nearly 60 years of being part of Germany. Lars Mikkelsen, who also starred in the popular DR docudrama series ‘Historien om Danmark’ sporting varying lengths of beard as the narrator, is among the cast. ‘The Borderlands’ will be broadcast sometime next year.

Radio host dies of breast cancer aged 43
Benedicte Balling, a popular radio host, has died at the age of 43. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017. Her father was a cousin of the acclaimed film and TV director Erik Balling, the creator of ‘Matator’.