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Danes increasingly geared towards spending their summers at home

Experts call it the Roskilde Festival Effect: a summer of good weather, and the results will be seen a year later

Many prefer it at home anyway (photo: pxhere)
October 11th, 2019 11:26 am| by Ben Hamilton

Danes are increasingly choosing to spend their summer holidays within Denmark.

Over the three summer months of 2019, Danish people spent 4.4 percent more overnight stays in the country, according to figures from Danmarks Statistik. And in general, there was a 5.4 percent increase, resulting in a new all-time record.

According to a Norstat survey, 11 percent fewer Danes are expecting to travel abroad in the summer of 2020, compared to this year – a fall from 3.4 to 2.8 million.

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2019 benefited from the hot summer of 2018
Lars Ramme Nielsen, a tourism expert at Dansk Erhverv, attributes the rise to the ‘Roskilde Festival Effect’ – the scenario in which interest rises because of the excellent weather of the year before. The summer of 2018 was pretty much the best in living memory.

“The mixed weather experienced over the summer of 2019 has not ruined the desire to holiday in Denmark,” contended Nielsen.

“And perhaps the Danes’ focus on climate challenges is seriously impacting travel behaviour.”

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Infrastructure is sound, but not enough qualified workers
Nielsen is confident that the infrastructure – the increasing number of hotels and a large campsite capacity – can cope with the surge in demand.

However, Nielsen warns that a shortage of qualified workers could ultimately hurt the domestic tourist industry.