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Danes the second sexiest people on the planet

Only the Ukrainians are more arousing, according to a survey by the same company that claimed Afrikaans is alluring

If you want my body …(photo: InfoWire.dk/Flickr)
June 28th, 2019 4:29 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Danes have been reeling, revelling and regaling – in that order – ever since it was announced in May that their accent is the 16th most sexiest in the world … although just behind the gorgeous gurgling of the merman in ‘The Shape of Others’.

The oracle of truth on that occasion, Big 7 Travel – the Kiwis and South Africans came out on top, possibly for their propensity for being ‘big’ and liking to ‘travel’ – has come up with another survey, this time revealing which nation is the sexiest (of which the accent presumably plays a role).

And Denmark, brace yourself … you’re only second in the world with the Swedes nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

Ukrainians the sexiest
Leading the way are the Ukrainians, with the Filipinos, Brazilians and Australians completing the top five.

Given their undeniable auditory appeal, the South Africans must have seriously botched it up in the looks department to fall to sixth, and there was no room for the Kiwis in a top ten completed by the Italians, Armenians, English and Canadians.

Beyond a top 50, Big 7 Travel provided a limited explanation of what the survey might suggest. “Survey respondents were given no further specifications of the term ‘sexy’, so interpretation of the word was up to them,” it explained.

Is somebody taking the piss?
All of this beggars belief, of course, raising suspicions that Big 7 Travel are royally taking the piss, and a picture of Bono accompanying Ireland’s entry – at number 50 no less – would appear to suggest that Mick might be taking the Michael or vice versa.

But with the Norwegians (46), Swedes (39) and Finns (21) all doing pretty badly, the Danes might beg to differ.

Check out the top 50 here.

Is it the Helena effect? (photo: Tammy Manet/Flickr)