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Danish AC/DC fans demanding their money back

Axel Rose’s appointment as lead singer casting a shadow over this summer’s Aarhus concert

This Rose not so sweet for Danish AC/DC fans (photo: ldil2)
April 18th, 2016 4:28 pm| by Ray W

It seemed like an internet rumour at first, but now it has been confirmed that Axel Rose will be taking Brian Johnson’s place as the lead singer of AC/DC for their upcoming ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour, the reaction has been swift from many Danish fans.

The band is scheduled to play at Ceres Park in Aarhus on June 12 – a show that sold 46,000 tickets in 35 minutes. Now, many of those fans are demanding their money back, saying that AC/DC with Axel Rose up front is not what they paid for.

Promoter offering “information”
Facebook user Birgitte Risum Hansen wrote on Facebook: “I assume I will hear soon about how I can get my money back for the AC/DC concert.”

Another user said: “This is not what I paid for.”

Concert promoter Live Nation has told fans that they can get in touch for information if they are “dissatisfied”, but it has not yet offered refunds.