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Danish among the world’s sexiest accents, according to highly unusual rankings

Commenters have a field day as Kiwi and South African tops the poll

But when he opened his mouth, and those dulcet Kiwi tones floated out, my heart melted (photo: publicdomainpictures.net)
May 3rd, 2019 11:18 am| by Ben Hamilton

Danish women are renowned for being beautiful. And even Danish men … once they get past their baby-face phase and hit their 30s. But the way they speak? Is it really possible that the Danish accent can be the 16th sexiest in the world?

Well, rankings compiler Big 7 Travel was surprised too. “Often considered one of Europe’s most unattractive accents, the Big 7 Travel readers disagree,” it noted.

The survey didn’t actually specify whether it was the sexiest accent speaking English or the most alluring mother tongue.

Manly accents dominate
‘Danish’ wasn’t the only surprising inclusion, as Kiwi and South African occupied the top two places.

Both accents are often pilloried for respectively sounding clipped (Kiwis tend to drop a lot of vowels compared to Australians) and hateful – a result of British actors hamming it up in anti-apartheid films like ‘Cry Freedom’ (although Patsy Kensit managed to make it sound sexy in Lethal Weapon 2.

Given that it was mostly ‘traveller’ types taking part in the survey, perhaps it was a reflection of the kind of accent you’d like to hear emerging from the undergrowth when it’s getting dark in the savanna and you and your unmanly European companions have run out of matches.

Choking on the findings
The comments at Big 7 Travel were an amusing read.

One commenter, Natalie, wrote: “Wow, the two accents I dislike the most are the two most popular!”

Sheila, who with a name like that must be Australian, wrote: “New Zealand has the WORST accent. Awful. Really grating.”

To which Eve replied: “Fuck you Sheila … Choke on a big one eh? *Said in a Heartily ‘grating’ Cantabrian Kiwi accent*.”