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Danish champion runner chased by bear in Canada

World champion Søren Bobach found himself in a precarious position near Whistler

Søren Bobach was understandably freaked out when he saw the bear following him (photo: Dansk Orienterings Forbund)
October 21st, 2015 11:15 am| by Christian W

Orienteering in the Danish forests isn’t considered overly dangerous and a badly twisted ankle is probably about the worst runners can encounter. But when you run around the Canadian forests in British Columbia, things can get hairy. Literally.

The two-time Danish orienteering world champion Søren Bobach was out training with his sister and friend in the forests near Whistler just north of Vancouver when he heard a noise behind him and turned to find a bear chasing him.

“I ran ahead with my sister and a friend some minutes behind me,” Bobach told Ekstra Bladet. “There was something moving behind me, which I thought was odd because I knew the others were further back and shouldn’t have caught up. I then turned to see the bear.”

“I stopped when I saw it. I know I couldn’t outrun it, so I stopped and tried to scare it off while shouting to warn the others. When I looked closer, it seemed like it was more curious than aggressive. But you react instinctively when you discover a bear, which could potentially kill you, following you.”

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A hairy moment
The bear eventually took off in the opposite direction and ran into Bobach’s sister Ida – also a world champion – who also came out of the ordeal with just a scare.

Bobach said he had run into moose and wild boar before during runs in Sweden and elsewhere, but never before a bear.

Next up for the two talented Danes is a big international race in Sweden this weekend and the Danish national championships on October 31.

But unless the race goes through Copenhagen Zoo, they won’t run into any bears.

Søren Bobach og bjørnen i Canada.

Verdensmesteren Søren Bobach stødte på en usædvanlig træningsmakker, da han pludselig stod ansigt-til-ansigt med en bjørn under en træning i Canada i sidste uge. Heldigvis kan Søren tale bjørnesprog - som I kan se i videoen - og fik den til at lunte væk igen.

Posted by Dansk Orienterings-Forbund on Tuesday, 20 October 2015