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Danish companies pull ads from right-wing newspaper Den Korte Avis

Nordea Bank, Føtex, Ikea, Elgiganten and McDonald’s respond to ‘Stop Funding Hate’ campaign

Den Korte Avis: clear, sharp, serious and anti-immigrant (photo: DKA)
December 12th, 2016 10:46 am| by Lucie Rychla

A number of Danish companies and organisations have decided to pull ads from the right-wing newspaper Den Korte Avis in response to the social media campaign Stop Funding Hate, which urges large companies to stop financially supporting media that promote hatred and anti-immigrant stances.

Following Nordea Bank, which last Thursday became the first to announce it had decided to stop advertising in the publication, a number of other companies – including IKEA, McDonald’s, Elgiganten, Føtex, Telia Denmark, Bravo Tours, Just-Eat and Vejle Municipality – have done the same.

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Does not fit our profile
“We always assess where we advertise, and in this case we have assessed that the journalistic profile of Den Korte Avis does not fit us,” Nordea’s marketing manager, Kim Grue, told Jyllands-Posten.

“Nordea has stopped advertising in Den Korte Avis, [because the bank] does not approve of the newspaper’s stance in relation to Muslim immigration and the increasing Islamisation of Denmark.”

A month ago, Lego similarly ended its collaboration with the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Den Korte Avis was founded in 2012 by Ralf Pittelkow and Karen Jespersen.

The Danish Union of Journalists has repeatedly criticised the government for giving the newspaper media support despite its refusal to adhere to rules on media ethics.

Meanwhile, Ralf Pittelkow, the chief editor and co-owner of the embattled media, is deeply shocked over the developments.

“It’s a outrageous attack on the freedom of speech and democracy in Denmark,” he told Berlingske newspaper.

“The angles, articles and opinions that are present in Den Korte Avis, represent a very broad spectrum of the Danish population.”