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Danish company helping students cheat in exams

Owner sees no problem in giving kids an expensive free ride

Screw this! I’m calling Freddy! (photo: upodom)
May 10th, 2017 9:43 am| by Ray W

Forget burning the midnight oil and all-night study sessions, students. Your perfect 12 on your next exam is as close as the MobilePay app on your phone.

Frederik Drew, a 20-year-old entrepreneur, can assign one of the nearly 70 people he has working for him to write your next paper for a mere 350 kroner per hour. And Drew’s company, FixMinOpgave, guarantees you’ll get the grade that you want. And yes, he takes MobilePay!

Although his business model is clearly designed to help students cheat, Drew does not see that as a big problem.

“I believe that the individual knows what’s best for them,” he told Metroxpress. “If I want to study economics, I may not want to put too much of my energy into French.”

Bought and paid for
Although Drew had his somewhat sketchy brainstorm just a month ago, he has already delivered 31 assignments to upper secondary students.

“Some people have contacted us when they are a little pushed for time,” he said. “Some were just four to five hours before the deadline, but we made it.”

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Of course, the folks at upper secondary school headquarters Danske Gymnasier are not as pleased with Drew’s success as he seems to be.

“Imagine creating a business for this it’s terrible,” said vice chairman Jakob Thulesen Dahl.