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Danish Crime Round-Up: Police warn electric scooter riders not to drink and drive

In other news, a witness at the city court warns of the perils involved in testifying against Loyal to Familia

You’re better off sticking to your bicycle if you’re as drunk as you look, fella
May 15th, 2019 1:19 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Danish police tend to tolerate drunk cyclists. Sure, if they can see you’re paralytic and a risk to the public, you might get a fine, but an unfortunate stumble waiting at a traffic lights is more likely to land you with sympathy rather than a night in a cell.

Electric scooters are a different matter, however. The police have this week confirmed that anyone using an electric scooter is subject to the same rules that apply to motorists.

Jail for third offence
This means you could be breathalysed and then taken to the police station to give a blood sample. A first drunk driving offence will cost you 2,000 kroner, a second 4,000 kroner, and a third a spell in prison.

The police, though, are concerned that not enough electric scooter riders are aware of the potential punishment. So far the Transport Ministry and Copenhagen Municipality have not made any efforts to get the message across.

Chinese-born ‘Dr Daterape’ withdrew a confession during initial questioning
It has emerged that ‘Dr Daterape’, who is currently on trial at Copenhagen City Court for doping and raping two women in the spring of 2018, withdrew a confession to one of the assaults. The 32-year-old, Chinese-born doctor, who worked at Gentofte Hospital, put the confession down to a combination of “suicidal thoughts” and the police promising him a lighter sentence if he owned up. The court has heard that the doctor arrived from China aged 12 and is a Danish citizen.

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Witness refuses to give up names in Loyal to Familia trial
An ongoing case at Copenhagen City Court is assessing whether the government’s ban of the street gang Loyal to Familia is legal, and a witness called to testify has refused to give up names out of fear there may be retributions. His testimony chiefly concerned the gang war between LtF and Brothas that mostly took place in Nørrebro in the summer of 2017. When asked to name the right-hand man of LtF, he told the court: “I don’t want to say that. You can’t give me a guarantee that someone won’t come and shoot me.”

Woman gets community service for sharing terror killing video
A 29-year-old woman has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service for sharing a video via Facebook that showed the murder of Louisa Jespersen, a Danish backpacker slaughtered in Morocco in December as part of a terror killing. The court in Næstved ruled that if the woman did not do the service, she would have to go to prison for three months. Some 14 people received similar punishments in March for sharing the video. Jespersen was killed together with her Norwegian friend Maren Ueland.

High court sides with four men accused of gang-rape
The Vestre Landsret high court in Viborg has upheld a decision to acquit four men in their 20s of gang-raping a 19-year-old woman in Herning in December 2017. It was not disputed that the men had sex with her, but the woman claimed they forced her to give them oral sex. Additionally they were accused of shoving a hairbrush into her lower orifices. New testimony that the woman had been drugged against her will failed to sway the court to reverse the decision. One of the four defendants was convicted of rape in 2013.

Man in custody following death of doctor at home in Hørsholm
Nordsjællands Politi has charged a 54-year-old man with killing a 58-year-old woman at her home in Hørsholm. Doctor Charlotte Asperud was bludgeoned to death on April 30 when an intruder surprised her whilst sleeping. The police have not disclosed how they tracked down their suspect, but he was an individual already known to them. He has been charged with manslaughter and robbery. A sound recording of the assault includes a male voice repeatedly saying “Sit down”.

Police give up hunt for stolen artwork
The police have abandoned the hunt for ‘Rolexgate’, a valuable piece of art stolen from an art museum in Kolding in January. The creator of the work is the conceptual artist Marco Evaristti, who achieved notoriety a decade ago when he invited gallery visitors to liquidise live fish in a blender. ‘Rolexgate’ was inspired by the Auschwitz death camp, incorporating precious items given up by Jews incarcerated there.  A burglary had also occurred at the Trapholt Museum a month earlier, but the police ruled out any connection.

Fire kills two people in Lyngby
Police are investigating a fire that killed two people in their home in Lyngby on the morning of May 11. The fire engulfed a ground floor apartment on Skeltoftevej. There are no grounds to suppose the fire was intentionally started.