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Danish Defence secures advanced sub-hunting equipment

Billion-kroner technology to considerably boost Denmark’s anti-submarine capacity

A SH-60F Seahawk operating a dipping sonar (photo: US Navy)
September 2nd, 2019 5:30 pm| by Christian W

The Danish Defence has significantly upgraded its submarine detection capability after securing an advanced system from the US in a deal worth an estimated 1.3 billion kroner.

The new technology consists of nine sonars that will be fitted the Defence’s new Seahawk helicopters and which can be dipped into the water to give an overview of what might be hiding beneath the surface.

“This is actually part of what NATO has called for us to improve on. So there is little doubt that we will be in another league once it has been implemented,” Rear admiral Torben Mikkelsen, the head of the Danish Navy, told DR Nyheder.

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Ears on the Russians
According to Mikkelsen, the sonars will boost Denmark’s importance in NATO’s efforts to monitor Russia’s submarine fleet operating in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic region.

Aside from the dipping sonars, Denmark’s anti-submarine warfare capacity will be further bolstered by 600 sonar buoys that will be laid across a larger body of water.

Defence minister, Trine Bramsen, stated that the worsening geo-political situation has prompted Denmark to invest more in its abilities in the north Atlantic.

The news comes in the wake of news that Denmark will redeploy four F-16 fighter jets to help maintain airspace sovereignty in the Baltic region in 2021.

Earlier this year, the US criticised Denmark for not spending enough of its budget on its Defence.