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Danish duo storm into Europe’s top-30 pizzeria list

Europe’s finest (all photos bigseventravel.com)
April 2nd, 2019 4:32 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Danes like to dominate in duos.

Europe’s best front two in the mid-1980s? Cue Michael Laudrup and Preben Elkjær.

Or how about Europe’s best cocktail bars? Cue Balderdash and Brønnum, which last month cantered into the top 50.

And now it is the turn of two of Copenhagen’s best pizzerias – Mother and Bæst – which have just been ranked among the 50 Best Places For Pizza In Europe by the global travel site Big 7 Travel.

No crusts for these guys, they’re big cheeses now.

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Kødbyen’s mothership



Storming into 29th place, Mother in Kødbyen, which last year opened its first location in London at a redeveloped Battersea Power Station, is doing its best to outgun Naples itself according to the ranking.

“Their pizza is a thin base with a puffed-up pillowy edge, blistered from the intense heat of the wood-fired oven,” noted one contributor to Big 7 Travel.

“The centre remains a little soft – the Neapolitan way of eating a slice into fold or roll it. For an added bonus try their vegetable antipasti to start, you won’t regret it.”

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Serving a beast of a pizza



While Bæst in Nørrebro missed out on being the best in Europe by just one minuscule slice.

“You know it’s the real deal here because they have their own farm with a focus on organic meats and high quality produce as well as their own salumeria and micro-dairy – instead of importing mozzarella, they make it themselves with the best raw milk,” praised the ranking.

“This place is taking pizzas to whole new levels.”

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Naples has the final word
But in the end the final word was reserved for … you’ve guessed it … Naples.

Serving a “religious experience”, the pizzas available at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele were cited by many of the ranking’s contributors as the “best they’ve eaten in their lives”.

“If you thought you were happy waiting you should see how happy you are leaving,” purred Big 7 Travel.

In total, Italy had five entries in the top 30, making it easily the best country in Europe for pizza.