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Danish eelgrass is the world’s best at combating CO2

Sea grass found in Thurøbund Bay near Funen can bury dangerous carbon molecules in the sea before they rise into the atmosphere

Bathers hate it, but it’s good for the environment (photo: Mike D Jones)
January 11th, 2017 4:57 pm| by Ray W

The lowly eelgrass growing in Thurøbund Bay near Funen has a remarkable ability to trap and hold massive amounts of CO2 – an ability that is becoming increasingly important in an era when many are looking for a solution to climate change.

“The CO2 remains bound to the seabed rather than coming into the atmosphere,” Professor Marianne Holmer from the University of Southern Denmark told DR Nyheder.

World-class grass
Holmer is among the researchers who have discovered that Thurøbund eelgrass is among the world’s best

“We’ve looked in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan and Korea,” she said. “Thurøbund is three times better than anywhere else.”

Scientists are also working to spread the eelgrass to several other places. They are currently working in Odense Fjord, which has lost its eelgrass over the last 20-40 years. Researchers hope that they can re-establish it along with its ability to trap carbon dioxide on the seabed.