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Danish farmers battling prolific fungus affliction

Worst attack of wheat yellow rust in 35 years

Not the kind of golden hue farmers like to see on their crops (photo: PDH)
June 17th, 2019 10:06 am| by Christian W

Wheat fields across Denmark are currently enduring the worst attack from the wheat yellow rust fungus in over three decades.

As a result, wheat farmers are facing significant losses due to their impacted crops – mostly sold as feed for pig farms.

Aggressive fungus
“We’re talking about an aggressive fungus that has spread across the country. Last time it was this comprehensive was 35 years ago,” Sagro Finn Poulsen, an agriculture consultant, told DR Nyheder.

“The losses are considerable. Some farmers can lose upwards of 5,000 kroner per hectare, so they go straight into deficit.”

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Won’t affect bread production
Finn Poulsen said that there is really nothing to do if you are an organic farmer, while conventional farmers can spray fungicides in a big to fight off the siege.

Fortunately, the supply of flour typically used to make bread won’t be affected as the wheat used to produce it tends to comes from abroad.