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Danish food giants victims of poison blackmail attempt

Danish Crown and Schulstad Hatting received letters demanding payment in cryptocurrency

Danish Crown has stepped up security at its factories (photo: Danish Crown)
April 25th, 2019 12:14 pm| by Christian W

At least two Danish food companies have been targeted in a blackmail attempt involving a threat of poison and a demand of payment in cryptocurrency.

Meat giants Danish Crown and bakery outfit Schulstad Hatting have come forward to reveal that they have received letters containing a white powder and a threat that the companies will have their products poisoned in the supermarkets should they not pay 300,000 euros in cryptocurrency into an account.

“It’s a very unfortunate case we are dealing with here, so the police and other authorities are taking the reports very seriously. I can reveal that we are working hard to uncover these culprits and that we are doing so through national and international channels,” police inspector Uffe Stormly told TV2 News.

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Gent connection
The police are investigating other cases involving Danish food companies, and Danish Crown has instructed its factories to step up security and its control of areas concerning packaging and handling of ingredients.

The letters are believed to have been posted from Gent, Belgium and so far no Danish food products have been affected in a case that encompasses various food companies in several European countries. Italian coffee giant Lavazza and Swedish Findus have also been targeted.

According to Belgian and Italian media, the substance sent with the blackmail letters was oleandrin, a substance that is used as medication, but which is dangerous in large amounts.

According to TV2, Carlsberg, Arla and COOP Denmark have not received any similar blackmail threat.