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Danish Foreign Minister condemns terror attack in Bangladesh

“Senseless violence”

Dhaka is a crowded, busy and usually peaceful city (photo: joiseyshowaa)
July 3rd, 2016 9:02 pm| by Ray W

Danish Foreign minister Kristian Jensen added his voice to those echoing around the world condemning Friday night’s terrorist attack at a cafe in Bangladesh.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on innocent civilians in a restaurant in Dhaka on Friday night, where terrorists killed 20 people,” said Jensen. “This senseless violence is completely unacceptable and must be combated. Our best defence is to remain united and not allow our let democracy, freedom or lifestyle to give in to fear and powerlessness.”

Jensen expressed his “deepest sympathy” to the victims and their families and said that the foreign ministry and Danish embassy were monitoring the situation.

A bloody siege
No Danes were among the 20 hostages who were found dead inside the Dhaka cafe after Bangladeshi troops stormed the cafe early Saturday morning, ending an eleven hour standoff. At the end of the attack, 13 people had been rescued and 20 were dead. Eleven of the victims were men and nine were women.

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The victims were among those taken hostage when terrorists stormed the cafe Friday evening with guns and explosives. Six terrorists were killed and one was captured alive.