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Danish homeless now accepting digital payments

Sellers of homeless support newspaper go mobile

Now available via MobilePay (photo: Hus Forbi)
November 1st, 2016 3:00 pm| by Ray W

A select group vendors of Hus Forbi, the well-known homeless support newspaper, can now accept MobilePay.

As fewer and fewer people are carrying cash, HusForbi hopes that allowing customers to use MobilePay will boost sales.

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The MobilePay payments will be credited to a cash card that the seller can access at ATMs or use where MasterCard is accepted.

“Even if someone is living on the street and not able to get a debit card, they can use this card to access cash or pay in a store,” Hus Forbi executive secretary, Rasmus Kristensen, told BT.

Trial program
A total of 35 vendors will test the MobilePay program for the next four months, after which Hus Forbi and Danske Bank will decide whether the system should be expanded.