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Danish jihadist arrested in Turkey

Mohammad El-Ali gained notoriety by posing with mutilated bodies in 2014

Another foreign fighter looking to return to Denmark (photo: Pixabay)
January 12th, 2020 8:12 pm| by Christian W

The Danish jihadist Mohammad El-Ali has been arrested in Turkey near the Syrian border. 

El-Ali’s lawyer Mette Grith Stage confirmed his arrest, stating that he wanted to come back to Denmark and stand trial.

The Lebanese-born Dane claims he lost his Danish passport.

El-Ali, 31, was sentenced to be imprisoned in absentia since 2014, charged with terrorism and promoting terrorism.

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Notorious in 2014
El-Ali gained notoriety in 2014 for posing with decapitated heads in a photo taken at Islamic State (IS) stronghold at the time, Raqqa.

He also wore a’ pistol, hand grenade and clothing promoting IS.

According to DR Nyheder, El-Ali had been in contact with other Danish foreign fighters such as Ahmed el-Haj, who was sent back to Denmark by the Turkish authorities in November.

He’s reportedly also been in contact with Enes Ciftci, the first Danish foreign fighter to be convicted.

Ciftci got six years in prison and was stripped of his Danish citizenship in 2017.