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Danish men agree: Aarhus has the most beautiful ladies

‘The City of Smiles’ beats the rest of the competition

Chances are, she’s from Aarhus (photo: iStock)
February 4th, 2016 11:27 am| by Christian W

Copenhagen may very well offer up some of the most lovely bits of architecture, history and culture in the fair lands of Denmark, but when it comes to fostering the most beautiful ladies, the capital can pack it in.

A new YouGov survey on behalf of Metroxpress newspaper has revealed that Danish men believe the most beautiful women hail from Aarhus.

“They are good, sensible girls with solid Jutland genes,” Jannick Lindberg, the head of modelling agency Le Management, told Metroxpress newspaper. “Aarhus girls are smiling and energetic – that’s a communality.”

“They are happy and easy-going, and they like to rock the natural look, which I think is appealing. They’ve always said that Aarhus has beautiful girls – although I think we have lots of pretty girls all across Denmark.”

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Proven track record
Some 28 percent of Danish men pointed to ‘The City of Smiles’ – as Aarhus is known in Denmark – as having the most lovely ladies. Just 21 percent pointed to Copenhagen, while Aalborg scored 16 percent and Odense 10 percent. Some 25 percent of respondents pointed to other parts of the country.

The official line could prove the Danish men correct. The current Miss Denmark is 17-year-old Jessica Hvirvelkær, who hails from the Risskov district in Aarhus.

And the very first ‘Miss Denmark’ in 1924, Edith Jørgensen, also came from Aarhus. Perhaps there is something in the water over there.