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Danish mosques call for dialogue on government initiatives

Anti-radicalisation efforts by the government are gathering steam – but has the Danish Muslim community been left out of the equation?

Imams in Denmark want to be made part of the dialogue (photo: iStock)
March 29th, 2016 5:48 pm| by Shifa Rahaman

A number of Danish politicians have recently called for stricter action to be taken when it comes to the issue of radicalised imams.

However, certain members of the Muslim community believe that Danish Muslims have been left out of the discussions. Mosques are now calling for members of government to consult with Muslim leadership, reports TV2.

Left out of the equation
Anouar Touimi, a board member and founder of Copenhagen Mosque, does not believe any good will come from anti-radicalisation efforts unless the Muslim community is made a part of the initiatives.

“It is tragic for us Muslims in Denmark that the government does not consult us with respect to the laws that it hopes to enact,” TV2 quoted him as saying.

Touimi believes that the government needs to consult with the Muslim community in an effort to settle on a set of guidelines.

It would be great if a Muslim joint council could be formed, which could eventually issue a handbook to all the imams in Denmark with various parameters stipulating how they can preach. Afterwards, you could then talk about punishment,” he said.

Bertel Haarder, the culture and church minister, is looking into the possibility of depriving radicalised imams from the right to marry and also banning anyone deemed a threat from preaching. He is due to meet with Parliament on Wednesday to discuss how to clap down on radicalised environments.