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Danish News Round-Up: Hammershoj painting sets Danish auction record

You don’t need to see the entire paiting to know it’s a masterpiece of Danish minimalism (bruun-rasmussen.dk)
November 27th, 2019 10:24 am| by Roselyne Min

‘Interior from Strandgade 30’, a painting by Copenhagen painter Vilhelm Hammershøi, has broken the record for the highest price ever paid for a piece of art on Danish soil.

The 1900 painting was sold for 30.5 million kroner, according to the responsible auction house Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art, which has sold 160 of the artist’s works since the 1950s.

The painting had been held by private collectors for the past century.

Not a Hammershøi record, though
However, it is not the record for a piece of Danish art, as another Hammershøi work, ‘Interior with woman with piano, Strandgade 30’ from 1901, fetched 39.5 million kroner in late 2017 in New York.

Four other works of Hammershøi were also sold yesterday, fetching prices ranging from 650,000 to 4.3 million kroner.

“It simply doesn’t get more quintessential Vilhelm Hammershøj than ‘Interior, Strandgade 30’, and this is reflected in the price,” said Julie Arendse Voss, Bruun Rasmussen’s Hammeshøj, who heads the auction house’s Department of Fine Art.

Interpol hunting Afghan man accused of murdering wife in Denmark
Interpol has again urged the public to help track fugitive Mohammad Ayoub Jahangery, a 28-year-old Afghan who was last year charged in absentia with murdering his wife. The victim was also from Afghanistan and the couple had only been in Denmark for a few months at the time of her death. Jahangery immediately fled the country. Interpol made the appeal as part of its ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’, which also included other men suspected of similar crimes in Europe.

Hospital robot assistances to stay in the basement
Herlev og Gentofte Hospital’s ambitious plan to delegate less complicated tasks to robots has been suspended. The robots were purchased for 40 million for collecting and delivering goods like medicines, food, bedding and waste. It turned out that pavement traffic confused the robots, so they often stop working. “In retrospect, we were probably too ambitious. We tried to push the project,” said Jan Toftholm, the deputy head at Herlev og Gentofte Hospital.

Ørsted wants huge wind turbine park off Bornholm
Denmark’s largest energy company Ørsted has proposed building a giant, initially 1,000 MW Baltic Sea wind farm off the coast of Rønne, the capital of Bornholm, reports TV2. The company suggests the project will be more attractive than building an artificial energy island in the North Sea – a previous proposal of the government’s.

Remains of plague victims found under Frederiksberg school
Several 300-year-old plague victims have been found buried at a school in Frederiksberg.  According to Copenhagen Museum, ten graves with skulls and bones were found, and the remains are pretty well preserved. In 1991, 54 graves were found at the same site. Plague wiped out a third of the Copenhagen population in 1711. Museum expert Stine Damsbo Winther has confirmed there is no risk of infection after 300 years.  The skeletons are being investigated at the Anthropological Laboratory at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

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Convicted rapist awaiting sentencing
A 41-year-old man is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of four rapes, one rape attempt and a number of other crimes. Some of the sexual assaults took place in the vicinity of H17, a centre for drug and alcohol abusers on Halmtorvet in Vesterbro, including one in the toilet attached to the injection room, where addicts are encouraged to fix up.  The perpetrator was also convicted of theft. He stole gold jewellery from one of the women and a gold bracelet and a ring from another after rendering her unconscious. He had pleaded guilty to the crimes, and it is unknown whether he intends to appeal.